Essence of Romance's spectacular scents are available on our custom candles and soaps. Each one is special and tested for quality and happiness.


Candle Scents


Amber Sandalwood

This fragrance is a combination of fruits, florals, amber and musk.

Barely Nude

Mysterious and sensual with sparkling citrus and berry, rose, geranium, a hint of patchouli, cedar, and vanilla.


This is a light pine fragrance. Cozy up to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a candle burning with the scent of balsam fir trees.


A warm and spicy holiday tradition. One of the first traditional Christmas scents.

Blackberry & Sage

The scent of fresh blackberries with a hint of sage. Reminiscent of picking fresh blackberries in the garden.

Butt Naked

A clean, refreshing fragrance with a light mix of green apples, melons and pears. This is a very popular fragrance choice for soap.

Calming Eucaluptus

A warm blend of vanilla and eucalyptus.

Celestial Scent

A heavenly sweet aroma that will calm your senses. A scent for meditation and relaxation.

Chanel #5

A close cousin of the popular Chanel #5 perfume. Will bring back memories of Mom's perfume.


The spicy scent of cinnamon. Spice up any room with the scent of cinnamon.

Clean Cotton

The scent of fresh laundry drying in the warm summer air.

Clove & Lavender

A warm yet spicy blend of clove, florals, amber and musk.  If you love lavender this fragrance is a great alternative.

Colorado Christmas

The fragrance of a fresh cut Christmas Tree.  The aromas of Blue Spruce, Northern Pine and Douglas Fir make this fragrance a Christmas to remember!

Cranberry Citrus

A blend of cranberry, red grapefruit, tangerine, orange, lemon and lime. A unique holiday scent and also great for a spa day!

Day at The Spa

Calming and balanced fragrance with lemongrass, patchouli and sugar cane. A "Day at The Spa" is for relaxation.  Pamper yourself with this wonderful scent.

Dragon's Blood

A potent, earthy fragrance with cedar wood, orange and patchouli oils. This is one of our top selling scents. This metaphysical scent will put you in touch with your higher self. Very calming and great for meditation.

Eucalyptus Leaf

A strong, fresh scent of the eucalyptus leaf. This is a great aromatherapy scent that will clear your senses.

French Vanilla

Rich aroma of French vanilla. A very popular scent that is great for the holidays or any time of the year.

Fresh Linen

Soft and delicate floral scent. The laundry is finished and the bed is made with clean, fresh linens.

Fruit Slices

Orange, grapefruit, strawberry,  melon, peach and kiwi sprinkled with sugar. An uplifting scent that is great for spring and summer.

Home for The Holiday's

The scent of the spruce tree along with cinnamon and fruits. One of our more poplar scents for the holiday's. This aroma will warm you up on a cold night.


An alluring and sensual floral. Jasmine is delicate, sweet and flowery. Romance is in the air! Jasmine is also known to be a stress reliever.

Jazzy Cinnamon

Romantic aroma of jasmine jazzed up with red hot cinnamon.


Kai is a light, intoxicating scent. Kai is the perfect blend of tropical gardenia and white exotic flowers.


The sweet fragrance of lavender.  This fragrance is familiar to many and comes from the lavender plant. Take "Time Out" with lavender.  Don't forget to add a lavender soap to your candle purchase to compliment that warm and relaxing bath.

Lemon Grass

Just like the lemongrass herbs that grow in the garden. A very popular scent that is soft and soothing.


The scent of spring and lilacs in full bloom. A great spring scent that is uplifting and evokes sunshine and flowers.

Love Spell

A romantic scent, mixing light fruit, citrus, and floral. Romance is in the air when you burn a candle with this scent.

Luscious Lavender

This fragrance is a variation of lavender with a hint of vanilla to add a luscious scent.

Mediterranean Garden Spa

Truly a "high end" spa fragrance. Russian olive, rosemary, artemisia with hints of wild violets, salvia, lavendula augustifolia, and pink verbena.

Midsummer Night

A masculine scent that is clean and uplifting. No floral to this scent and it has the essence of a man's cologne.

Moon Lake Musk

A musk aroma that has a hint of fern. A romantic scent that will appeal to both feminine and masculine.

Moonlight Path

A sensual fragrance with lavender, violets and  musk. A great romantic scent.

Mountain Pine

A forest of high country pines.  Has a strong pine scent. A great holiday scent that takes you back to a time when life was simple.


Plumeria is a sweet, floral fragrance. A soothing and relaxing aroma.


A sweet and fruity scent. This scent is truly romantic.

Pumpkin Spice

A full bodied scent of buttery pumpkin. The fragrance of a fresh baked pumpkin pie that is rich with butter.

Purely Peppermint

A strong peppermint with mint too. The scent of peppermint will send you back in time when candy canes were the gifts in holiday stockings.

Red Hot Cinnamon

The name of this fragrance says it all.  Cinnamon that is hot! This cinnamon is not subtle. It is strong, bold and hot.

Rose Bouquet

The scent of fresh cut roses. Remember romance again. If you love the fragrance of roses this scent is for you.

Sage & Lemongrass

Lemongrass and citrus infused with sage. Another aromatherapy scent that is soothing and great for a weekend getaway.


A warm, rich scent with woody overtones. The sandalwood scent is a favorite for meditation.

Sensuous Sandalwood

With the scent of lavender, violet, musk, and rich wood this fragrance has a unique identity. Our own signature scent. The combination of scents makes this fragrance one of a kind.

Sparkling Green Tea

This is a  aromatic tea with a light floral scent and a hint of champagne. A sweet refreshing oil that is pure heaven with  gardenia, jasmine, violets, roses, orchids and lavender. The perfect spa fragrance! 

Spiced Cranberry

The aroma of tart cranberries with a little spice. Cranberry at its finest with some spice to add to your winter days.

Spring Rain

A floral fragrance. Very light and calming. This fragrance is great for relaxation. A fresh, clean scent that comes from after a spring rain.

Spruce Berry

Spruce berry is a blend of fresh spruce, raspberries, and cranberries. Citrus fragrances of grapefruit lemon and mint give this holiday scent a new fresh twist.

Spruce Christmas Tree

The scent of a spruce tree with holiday citrus as an added twist. This fragrance will send you back home; in front of the family Christmas Tree.

Strawberry Kiwi

A blend of strawberries and fresh kiwi. A great scent for that summer afternoon break.


A blend of eucalyptus and spearmint to relief stress and soothe the soul.

Twilight Woods

This fragrance is a combination of ripe berries and a soft musk with hints of mimosa flowers, apricots, oak and juniper. A calming and romantic fragrance.

White Diamonds

This fragrance is a true replica of the popular White Diamonds perfume.  A combination of rose, narcissus, jasmine and orchid. For the special someone in your life... Or maybe yourself.

White Diamonds & Sandalwood

Our own signature scent.  The infusion of floral, jasmine and orchid with the rich wood scent of sandalwood. A mixture of two opposite scents complement each other. The end result is a soft yet warm fragrance.