About Essence of Romance Candles & Soaps

Since the beginning of time the soft glow of a candle has brought comforting light when the day had ended. Candles were a vital part of history and were in homes to provide light and comfort. Early candle makers were called chandlers. These candle makers would travel the countryside making dipped tapers for their customers. These dipped tapers were made of animal fat and the chandlers provided a much needed service to all of their customers. Every home needed candle light in the evening hours to cook, read, and enjoy the comfort of their homes. These door to door chandlers also made tapers of beeswax that were typically purchased by the wealthier customers.

Here in the 21st Century candles are an essential part of our lives. They decorate our homes, adorn our dinner tables, and are a popular gift item. Our love of candles, home decorating, and having a creative spirit took us down the path of making candles.

In addition to candles we have our own product line of handmade bath soaps. Handmade soaps were an integral part of our history as well. Early soaps were made in the Middle East and it is recorded as far back as 4,000 years ago. Just like the early candles, soaps were also made from animal fat. The process of soap making has evolved just like the process of candle making. Early American colonies made their soap with a mixture of lye, and animal fat and it required a significant amount of time. Soap making could be a challenge; if the ingredients weren’t just right the end result would not be good. The manufacturing of soap in America began in the early 1800’s.

Remember to “Surround Your Life with Candle Light” not only in your home, but share the soothing comfort of candle light with all of your friends and family. When selecting a candle, don’t forget to add one of our hand crafted bath soaps to complement  your order.

We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with every purchase from Essence of Romance. This is our commitment to every customer who places an order with us.

Tony and Linda
Master Chandlers