About Essence of Romance Candles & Soaps

Essence of Romance has been hand-pouring candles since 2006.  Our love of candles, home decorating, and having a creative spirit took us down the path of making candles.  With our experience in the industry we provide quality candles at an affordable price.  The details are important to us and that is why we randomly check our candles by burning them in our home.  If we aren’t satisfied, then how could we expect our customers to purchase our candles.

All of our jar candles are made with pure soy wax and cotton wicks.  The soy wax in our jars will burn clean and evenly.   It is time to retire the jar when the soy wax has burned down and there is ¼” of wax at the bottom of the jar.  Clean up of soy wax is very easy with mild soap and water and the jar can be used for other purposes in your home.

Our votive and pillar candles are made with a soy/paraffin wax blend and cotton wicks.  The same guarantee applies to these candles.  They burn clean and evenly and provide hours of enjoyment.


Candles Past and Present

Since the beginning of time the soft glow of a candle has brought comforting light when the day had ended.  Candles are a vital part of history and were in every home.  Early candle makers were called chandlers.  These chandlers would travel the countryside selling dipped tapers to their customers.  Originally these tapers were made of either animal fat or beeswax.  These candles brought light in the evening to cook, read, and entertain in their homes.

Here in the 21st Century candles are still part of our lives. Candles decorate our homes, adorn our dinner tables, and are a popular gift item.    

“Surround Your Life with Candle Light” in your home and share the soothing comfort of candle light with friends and family.  When selecting a candle, add one of our hand-crafted bath soaps to complement your order.

Customer satisfaction is our priority!


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Master Chandlers

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